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Pembina River Provincial Park, AB


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Pembina River Provincial Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

UPDATE: July 29/2014 update: flow is low and many people wading and tubing in the river. A lot of exposed rocky beach and water is clear. Always exercise caution on a flowing river._Pembina River PP has a pebbly/sandy beach on the Pembina River right in a 62 metre gorge close to Hwy 16. This beach is unique to Central Alberta as it is rocky/sandy river beach with clear waters and a mountain feel. There are day use and camping amenities nearby and the area above the riverbank is kid friendly with a playground. This is a unique opportunity for day trippers from Edmonton that is only one hour away. There are opportunities for tubing down this reach of the river when water flow and levels are lower (usually later in the season). NOTE: This is a wading beach during low flow times and NOT a swimming beach. The Pembina can be a very fast flowing river and there is no 'beach' area during high flow times in the Spring and early Summer. 2011/12 saw very high flow and water levels up in July and caution must be exercised for any river activities. 2013 levels and flow were more moderate.The river in this reach has historically good water quality.
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The status of this beach is GREY
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