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Iosegun Lake PRA Beach, AB


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Iosegun Lake PRA Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Iosegun Lake PRA Beach is pebbly/sandy with a small swimming area. There is a boat launch in the PRA and day use amenities. The lake supports other water-based activities. The lake is prone to more algae and potential blooms later in the bathing season.NOTE: AHS Health Advisory: August 29-Sept 10/2014: Contaminated water advisory issued for Iosegun Lake The lake's name originates from a Cree or Stoney word for the Iosegun River that means either 'tail' or 'hash' (Alta. Cult. Multicult. n.d.). The lake was called Hash Lake by fur traders and natives in the early 1900s.The native inhabitants in the area northwest of Whitecourt were Woodland Cree but the Beaver tribe may have lived there at an earlier time (Olecko 1974). The region was close to an aboriginal migration route from Lac Ste. Anne to the Sturgeon Lake area and sites on Iosegun Lake have traditionally been used as hunting and fishing bases. As well four sites near the lake have been identified as burial grounds (Alta. For. Ld. Wild. 1988[b]).The first European to arrive in the area was probably David Thompson in 1799 he camped at a site that is now the Whitecourt townsite (Knapik and Lindsay 1983). Missionaries arrived in the region about 40 years later. Industrial development began in 1909 when logging and milling operations were initiated 10 km west of Whitecourt near the Athabasca River. The railroad arrived in Whitecourt in 1921 but was never completed to the Peace River Country as originally proposed. The area near Iosegun Lake was not developed until oil and gas exploration in the 1950s brought the railroad as far as the Kaybob station about 15 km south of the lake. Highway 43 opened in 1955 and was paved and completed in 1962 as far as the town of Valleyview 70 km north of the lake. There have been no residential developments at the lake.
Water Quality
Tested weekly from June 1 to September 1
Current Status
The status of this beach is GREY
Recent and/or reliable water quality information is unavailable.


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