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Green Acres Resort Campground Beach on Pine Lake, AB


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Green Acres Resort Campground Beach on Pine Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Green Acres Campground beach is typical of the many private resort/campground beaches on Pine Lake. This private resort charges fees and is included only for historical reasons. It is sandy supervised and shallow. The water quality of Pine Lake is typical of the area with some algal grwoth in the Summer months causing a greening of the waters. Not typical of other lakes in Alberta is the hypoliminetic withdrawl system installed under the supervision of the Pine Lake Restoration Society in 1997. This system is intended to reduce the eutrophication of the highly trophic sediment and cool waters on the lake bottom. The lake still has algal growth but the success of the system is being monitored. Pine Lake has been called Ghost Pine Lake and Devel's Pine Lake in the past because of a native story that the lakeshore was haunted by a Cree warrior avenging the death of his tribe. A more recent tragic event on Pine Lake and Green Acres Campground occurred on July 14 2000 when a powerful tornado swept through the Green Acres area and resulted in the deaths of twelve people. NOTE: Blue-green algae advisory issued for Pine Lake: July 14-November 6 2014 An AHS Blue-green algae health advisory was issued for Pine Lake from August 21-Oct 3/2013 and from August 21/2012 until the end of the 2012 bathing season. The beach and lake were not posted for most of the 2011 bathing season with an Alberta Health Services Blue Green Algae Advisory issued in September 2011 until the end of the bathing season.
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