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Buffalo Lake Provincial Recreation Area Beach (Boss Hill), AB


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Buffalo Lake Provincial Recreation Area Beach (Boss Hill) Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Buffalo Lake Recreation Area (also known as Boss Hill) has a sandy beach and shallow waters for bathing in the swimming area. Like the other beaches on Buffalo Lake the water is usually clear in the early season with more algal growth in the latter part of the bathing season. The lake is one of very few lakes that pumps water from another natural source. In this case the Red Deer River when water levels reach a certain minimum level. The beach has day use amenities such as a grassy area picnic tables and simple washrooms. A more rustic choice for an out of the way beach but easy to access and family friendly. This beach was open for most of the 2011 bathing season and no Alberta Health Services advisories were posted. The beach was closed temporarily from July 22-early August 2011 because of standing water in the park and picnic area making the area difficult and unsafe to access. The lake has historically good water quality and no AHS health advisories were posted for 2011 2012 2013 or 2014.NOTE: Swimmer's Itch: Several citizen reports for Buffalo Lake in recent years. Swimmer's itch has been known to be present in Buffalo Lake especially during extended periods of warm weather. Things you can do to mitigate the effects of swimmer's itch:1) avoid weedy shallow water2) rub briskly with a towel immediately after swimming or wading in the lakeSwimmer's itch is caused by the microscopic larvae of a parasite that lives in stagnant and slow-moving water. If itching is severe or if it persists for more than a few days consult your doctor.For for more information go to: There was a notice posted on July 9 2013 and July 10 2012 for Possible Swimmer's Itch
Water Quality
Tested weekly from May 21 to August 30
Current Status
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