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Martins Lake Regional Park Public Beach, SK


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Martins Lake Regional Park Public Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Martins Lake is popular for beach goers and local families. It was voted best Regional Park in Saskatchewan in 2010! There is a 7 fee to enter the park or 40 annually for access to all Saskatchewan Regional Parks. The beach is small stretching about 50m and is made of fine sand. There are a few reed beds neighboring the beach. The lake bottom is also sandy and is fairly shallow for most of the swimming area. The water has some sand mixed in with it but is generally fairly clear. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. Access to the park off of highway 12 is through the regional park gate which is very near to the beach. There is ample parking immediately behind the beach and the camping area is nearby. It is popular for long term stays and several of the guests stay here for most of the summer months. The beach is very popular with families and is bustling on a busy day. The regional park has boat launch facilities nearby. The view from the lake is mainly forest and valleys with a few residential properties. Boat activity is not disruptive to the beach vibe but due to the proximity of the road you do hear vehicle traffic on occasion. The beach neighbors a small grassy park and they are connected via a small wooden bridge that is full of character. The beach features a playground for kids as well as a day use gazebo and picnic tables. There is a beach volleyball court near the parking lot. There is even a slide in the water! Washroom and change facilities are located nearby in the park.
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