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Winnipeg Beach, MB

Winnipeg Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

This beach is found in Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park along the shores of Lake Winnipeg. It is 2 km of white sand with boardwalk running the length of the main beach. There is a bandstand where you can hear live music summer weekends. The resort community offers many services including a grocery store restaurants a marina and gas. There are tennis and volleyball courts picnic grounds and modern washrooms.There is also a 40 m high riveted steel water tower a striking visual landmark to the south of the beach. It was built in 1928 to provide pressurized water for the CPR steam locomotives and fire protection services for the resort's facilities though out of use today. The Provincial Park runs a 120 site campground next to the community of Winnipeg beach. Like Grand Beach Winnipeg Beach also had a large dance hall and weekend visitors would arrive on the train weekend evenings riding home on the “Moonlight Special” the last train to depart.
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Tested weekly from June 1 to September 15
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