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Harrison Lake, BC


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Harrison Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

CURRENT STATUS:Status for this beach is monitored from May through the summer and will be updated once current information is available. BEACH INFO:Harrison Lake north of the hot springs is a famous beach area for swimming sailing wind surfing water skiing hiking and camping. This 250 square km lake is the largest in the southern Coast Mountains of BC. Along its north bank are north-south glacial valleys tributary to the Fraser River and it also has connections to the Chehalis Stave Alloutte Pitt and Coquitlam Rivers. The main waterflow coming into the lake is the Lillooet River. The north end of the lake is home to the In-SHUCK-ch Nation. The lake is part of Sasquatch Provincial Park home to many small lakes and withholding unique second-growth birch forests.This is a glacier-fed lake and can be very cold. Please exercise caution and common sense when using this area.
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