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La Plonge I.R. 192, SK

Alerts in Effect

Drinking Water

Issued at 16:30 Sunday 24 January 2021


Recommended Action

Boil water for at least 1 minute prior to use. This includes for drinking purposes, washing produce, adding to food and drink that will not be heated, making ice cubes, and brushing teeth. Use an alternative source known to be safe. Water used for other household purposes does not need to be boiled. Dishes should be rinsed in water with a tablespoon of bleach in a sink full of water. Younger children and infants should be sponge bathed. Listen for updates on the situation. Seek medical attention if required.


A Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory has been issued for La Plonge Reserve #192. This advisory is for the residents of La Plonge Reserve #192 and any individual who may access water from the La Plonge Reserve system. This advisory is in effect until February 7, 2021.

Area Description

La Plonge Reserve #192

Issued By

SK La Plonge FN

Public Safety Alert

Issued at 12:04 Wednesday 20 January 2021


Recommended Action

Information on COVID 19 can be found at COVID 19


This emergency advisory alert is being issued for the province of Saskatchewan. All travelers returning from outside of Canada are subject to a mandatory 14 day self isolation order. Violation of the order may result in a fine of 2000 dollars.

Area Description

Province of Saskatchewan

Issued By

SK Provincial Emergency Communications Centre

Extreme Cold Warning

Issued at 10:20 Monday 25 January 2021

A period of very cold wind chills continues.

Extremely cold wind chills between -45 and -50 continue this morning for northern Saskatchewan.

Wind chills will moderate through the day before returning to near -45 overnight in some areas.


Extreme cold warnings are issued when very cold temperatures or wind chill creates an elevated risk to health such as frost bite and hypothermia.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports using #SKStorm.

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