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Flett's Springs No. 429, SK

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Issued at 16:07 Monday 06 July 2020


Recommended Action

Wash your hands often and if you are sick or symptomatic for COVID 19, stay home. For details on Phase 4.2 and all Phases of Re-Open Saskatchewan and the most recent updates on the provincial response to COVID 19 go to:


Update for the Civil Emergency Alert issued by the Government of Saskatchewan. The state of emergency in Saskatchewan remains in effect.
UPDATE: Effective July 6, additional allowable services and activities of Phase 4.2 of Re-Open Saskatchewan are: indoor sports and activities, indoor pools and rinks and performing arts.
The Northwest Region remains restricted as Re-Open Saskatchewan proceeds. Go to the Saskatchewan COVID website listed in the instructions for a complete list of allowable services and activities in the Northwest Region.
During all Phases of Re-Open Saskatchewan all public health orders, which includes physical distancing by at least two metres from others, is to be followed and applied in all public and private gatherings.

Area Description

Province of Saskatchewan

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SK Provincial Emergency Communications Centre

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