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Absaraka, ND

Alerts in Effect

Flood Warning

Issued at 21:19 Wednesday 18 April 2018

* East Grand Forks...on the Red Polk and Grand Forks
* Crookston...on the Red Lake Polk County
* Mapleton...on the Maple Cass County

...The flood warning continues for these river locations in
Minnesota...North Dakota...

* Fargo...on the Red River Clay and Cass Counties
* Oslo...on the Red River Marshall...Walsh...Polk and Grand
Forks Counties
* Dilworth...on the Buffalo River Clay County

.Snow melt and ice jam potential will cause rivers to rise above
the minor or moderate category. Little or no precipitation in the
forecast over the next several days.

This forecast is for a 7-day period...the highest stage
indicated may not reflect the crest for this event.

Forecasts are updated daily and stage values will change
as new weather and river information is used.

River forecasts use 24 hours of forecast precipitation
between April 1st and October 1st, and 48 hours otherwise.
However, depending on the situation, they may include
precipitation expected through the next 72 hours.
The Flood Warning continues for...
* ...Mapleton...on the Maple River.
* until Wednesday April 25...or until the warning is cancelled.
* At 8:15 PM Wednesday the stage was 905.7 feet.
* Minor flooding is occurring and during the next 7 days...Minor
flooding is forecast.
* Minor Flood Stage is 905.0 feet.
* Forecast...the river will rise to a crest near 907.1 feet sometime
Saturday morning. The river will fall below Flood Stage Tuesday
* The river is forecast to crest at 907.1 on Saturday mid-morning
during this 7-day period.
* Impact Statement(s) - At 907.0 feet, Flooding begins on high ground
near gage.

Issued by National Weather Service

Flood Watch

Issued at 21:28 Wednesday 18 April 2018

* Hallock...on the Two Rivers Kittson County
* Enderlin...on the Maple Cass and Ransom Counties
* Hillsboro...on the Goose Traill County
* Minto...on the Forest Walsh County

The segments in this product are river forecasts for selected
locations in the watch area...
The Flood Watch continues for
the Maple River near Enderlin
* until further notice.
* At 9:00 PM Wednesday the stage was 5.4 feet.
* Minor flooding is possible.
* Flood Stage is 9.5 feet.
* Forecast...the river may reach Flood Stage by late Saturday

Issued by National Weather Service

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