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Annapolis, IL

Alerts in Effect

Flood Warning

Issued at 11:18 Sunday 23 July 2017

Wabash River...

.Lowland flooding has developed along portions of the Wabash River.
Significant flooding is not expected. Flooding will affect some local
and state roads...low agricultural land and some river parks.

Scattered areas of three to four inches of rain fell across portions
of western and southern Indiana Saturday night and Sunday morning.
The heaviest rain fell across the East Fork White Basin and portions
of the Wabash Basin.

The Wabash has crested in Lafayette and will crest in areas
downstream later this week. Flooding should end by Friday.
The Flood Warning continues for
The Wabash River at Hutsonville Legacy Power Plant Site.
* from late Monday night to Thursday evening.
* Flood stage is 16.0 feet.
* Forecast...The river is forecast to have a maximum value of 16.6
feet Wednesday morning.
* At 16.0 feet...Old Darwin Road and a few low rural roads between
York and Hutsonville, Illinois begin to flood. Agricultural
flooding begins along portions of the river.

Issued by National Weather Service

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