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Hyas, SK

Alerts in Effect

Telephone Service

Issued at 10:06 Wednesday 18 October 2017


Recommended Action

If your experience an emergency situation and do not have access to telephone communications you must physically contact a member of your emergency services for assistance.


Due to the widespread power outages caused by last night’s windstorm, there is the potential for SaskTel service outages, including home phone, cellular, Internet, and maxTV services until power is restored for business and residential customers.

All SaskTel sites have back-up batteries in the event of a power outage. However, as the power outage continues, they will eventually lose battery life. SaskTel is placing generators at key locations throughout the province, however, due to the number of sites involved, not every site will be backed up by a generator.

SaskTel is working closely with the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre and SaskPower to coordinate efforts during this situation.

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Areas affected by SaskPower Outages

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SK SaskTel

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