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Redcliff, AB

Alerts in Effect

High Water Level

Issued at 13:20 Saturday 21 April 2018


Recommended Action

Be aware of areas known to flood easily such as the banks of both the Seven Persons Creek and Bullshead Creek, their tributaries, and low lying areas. Avoid these creek areas, tributaries, and low lying areas. Please take precautions to move machinery and equipment out of the areas expected to receive flooding. Listen for further updates and follow the instructions that apply to your area.


There are high water levels in streams, tributaries, and other bodies of water that may create dangerous situations or lead to flooding along the banks and low lying areas.
The Seven Persons Creek and Bullshead Creek continue to experience high water levels as a result of increases in upstream flow. This is causing high water levels along the banks which may result in the banks overflowing and flooding adjacent low lying areas. For updated information go to the Province's website

Area Description

Cypress County

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Cypress County

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