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Taiya Inlet and Klondike Highway

Alerts in Effect

Flood Warning

Issued at 19:35 Wednesday 17 August 2022

* WHAT...Small stream flooding caused by excessive rainfall

* WHERE...The following area, Taiya River near Skagway.

* WHEN...Until 1015 AM AKDT Thursday.

* IMPACTS...Flooding of rivers, creeks, streams, other low-lying
areas and flood-prone locations is occurring.

- At 722 PM AKDT, Satellite estimates and rain gauge data
indicated that the heavier rain from earlier Wednesday has
moved south of the area. The Taiya River has crested as of 5
pm Wednesday at 17.6 ft which is above moderate flood stage
of 17.0 ft. It is currently still above Moderate flood stage,
but is starting to subside. With little in the way of
additional rainfall expected tonight, water levels will
continue to drop, and is expected to fall below minor flood
stage of 16.5 feet by Thursday morning.
- Areas along low lying portions of the Chilkoot Trail is the
most likely place to experience flooding.

- Some locations that will experience flooding include...
Chillkoot Trail Flood Area and Dyea.
- For Taiya River near Skagway:
At 7:00pm the stage was 17.33 feet.
Flood Stage is 16.5 feet.
Forecast: The river crested around 17.6 ft around 5 pm
Wednesday and is currently falling. Water levels are expected
to continue to fall and will likely fall below minor flood
stage of 16.5 ft by Thursday morning.
At 16.8 feet: Portions of the first few miles of the Chilkoot
Trail will begin to inundate with water to ankle depth.
At 17.0 feet: The National Park Service advises against
boating and other recreational water-based activities on the
Taiya River. Trail orientation and navigation begins to
become difficult and may hinder route-finding for several
hundred feet. Water will be knee deep or higher in places
along the lower portions of the trail.
At 17.5 feet: The National Park Service may close the
Chilkoot Trail due to flooding impacts associated with high
water in the surrounding watershed.

- If you live near or along Taiya River stay alert and be prepared
to take action.

Issued by National Weather Service

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