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We can partner with you to produce high impact creative and custom solutions that will exceed your campaign objectives.

Our teams can work with you to develop industry-leading, innovative, turnkey executions that not only highlight your brand, but will also resonate with our audience. Click HERE for a snapshot.


Pelmorex can also work with you to maximize programmatic buys to be even more effective and meet various business needs. We have unique advertising solutions that combine the capabilities of programmatic buying with Weather Network proprietary data.

Pelmorex offers multiple programmatic solutions allowing buyers to access our quality inventory on the open exchange or via a 1 on 1 relationship existing of:

  • Private auctions with and without first party data which are always on;
  • Preferred deals. Only available on request;
  • Programmatic guaranteed deals;
  • Several creative sizes (including video) available across our platforms.
Sources: Global Reach Report, Web data sources: Omniture, GAP. Simply Measured, Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights. Numeris Data FY16 YTD * Cume Reach Aug 31/2015 - Feb 28/16 - Average Monthly Total Canada/Think TV Numeris; Infosys Tv PPm By 2014/2015;Total TV Total Canada M-Su 2a-2a 1 minute reach/Nlogic RTS 2015 M-Su Total.comScore media Metrix MultiPlatform Total Minutes 3 Month average May-July 2015. ComScore Desktop Web March 2016 A18+comScore Total Mobile Apps A18+ (News & Info Category)/crossvisiting based on multiplatform /Ipsos 2015 Most Influential Brands Canada/emarketer. ComScore March 2016 Total Audience. Source:FY16 YTD Canadian Reach Numeris/comScore/Omniture Data - March 2016
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