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The severe weather threat today shifts in to Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas as an active period of spring storms continues across the Southern Plains.

IN PHOTOS: Severe storms slam southwestern Oklahoma

More than 1,000 snow blowers recalled in the U.S., Canada

Millions of microplastics litter Great Lakes

EF-0 tornado causes damage in Northern California

Green fireball caught shooting across California sky

Lightning safety tips that could help save your life

Trail of destruction: 2011's tornado outbreak

Three storm names retired after deadly season

Scientists accidentally make batteries that last a lifetime

Severe bleaching means coral could die, now 93 per cent

WATCH: Australian river erupts into flames

Disease has sparked a worldwide banana crisis

Five awesome Earth Day views of our beautiful homeworld

More rain slams parts of Texas, where floods have killed 8

World leaders meet to sign Paris Agreement in New York

Winter hangs on fiercely into May in Colorado, Wyoming

Turns out New York’s January snowstorm WAS a record breaker

Severe floodng calls for rescue efforts in Mississippi

Severe storms leave widespread damage across central U.S.

Rising temperatures damaging Mt. Everest beyond recognition

Find out what NOT to do in case of a tornado

Damaging winds, hail slam parts of California

Heavy Snow for the Rockies and Intermountain States

Week kicks off with tornadoes, hail & lighting-sparked fire

Field Museum captures Amazon animal selfies

Long Range Forecast: What to expect heading into May

What is La Niña?

Midwife braves flood waters, rides inflatable swan to work

Summer-like temperatures give way to snow, rain in West

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