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As a traffic and weather reporter Rachel helps you navigate the traffic landscape so you can get there sooner.

A newbie to the team we stole Rachel from our sister company Beat the Traffic where she was a traffic presenter and gridlock specialist.  Rachel joined the "family" in 2011 as a news writer but quickly showed her on camera affinity and broadcast prowess.  Since the age of 12 Rachel has been telling friends and family she wanted to be a presenter and started volunteering at Rogers TV as a weather and field reporter.

Rachel holds an Honours BA in Broadcast Journalism from Wilfred Laurier and a Videography degree from Conestoga College.

Rachel is styled on-air by LOFT.

What does Rachel love about the weather?

I love the change of seasons. There is something magical as crisp red leaves turn into snowy branches then bud into spring and summer beauty. I love all the Canadian seasons, I think winter can overstay its welcome but it makes the warm spring air that much sweeter. 

I also love how weather surrounds many Canadian conversations. We all feel the need to comment on the bitter cold, which sparks conversations with complete strangers. Weather gives us a platform to connect with people. 


  • Rachel has a tiny dog named Rainbow (aww)
  • She has a twin brother (and no not identical)
  • Bitten by the travel bug Rachel’s favourite places have been to Malta, the Grand Canyon and Mykonos
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