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Natalie has so many talents and skills it’s hard to know where to start but her warm and endearing on-air personality make her a favourite around here!  

Natalie joined the team in 2007 after hosting Today's Waterloo Region, a 30 minute news program at Rogers TV in Kitchener.  We’ve also leaned on Natalie as a news writer and assignment editor over the years.

Natalie holds a Bachelors degree in Broadcasting/Electronic Media from Appalachian State University.  In her junior year she was an intern with CBS in Boston where she found her calling for broadcasting and working in a TV newsroom.  She also earned a degree from the “Chris St. Clair school of TWN training.”

Natalie is styled on-air by LOFT.

What does Natalie love about the weather?

I remember one of my teachers in high school saying that “the earth takes care of itself.” That’s always stuck with me. From earthquakes to volcanic eruptions to the jet stream! The earth is a living thing, and weather is just one part of that. I find that extremely fascinating, and I’m lucky to be able to study the weather so closely.  


  • Huge movie nerd Natalie could watch movies all-day 
  • Her movie watching time has been replaced by caring for her new love; her daughter
  • Supports and donates regularly to Canadian Blood Services
  • Awarded a FULL scholarship to play NCAA Basketball AND voted Captain (WOW!)
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