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Since the time she uttered her first words, Kasia Bodurka was labeled a "chatty Kathy." This was partly due to her name ("Kasia" is Polish for "Kathy"), but mostly for her undeniable gift of gab!  No surprise this people person made a career in broadcasting.

Kasia joined The Weather Network in 2011, before that she produced and hosted lifestyle television for community TV for 6 years. She covered news, community events and entertainment both as a videographer and a reporter.

Kasia received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and French from The University of Ottawa, and later studied Broadcast Journalism at Seneca College. Kasia’s communication skills were honed as tour guide in Ontario & Quebec.

What does Kasia love about the weather?

It keeps us Canadians on our toes with its constant changes. Its highs and lows unify our country, and it's a hot topic of discussion year round. And I love discussion.  


  • Speaks three languages
  • This foodie makes her own granola bars and kale chips (just like Gwyneth Paltrow)
  • Jumped out of a plane once, and once was enough!
  • Supports many charities including; Canadian Aid for Education, Canadian Blood Services and The Salvation Army
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