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Gary Archibald

Gary Archibald headshot

Gary Archibald is a jack of trades, master of all! His diverse and creative background plus his love of telling stories makes him a unique meteorologist.

Gary joined The Weather Network from 2002-2004 and rejoined the family in 2010.  Not sure where he wanted his career to go after university, Gary pursued his artistic skills at a photography agency as a shooter.  That opened the door to a long career as a model, then some acting in television commercials.  Realizing a potential career in media, Gary went back to school to study Broadcast Journalism at Centennial College. 

He started with Rogers Television, covering junior hockey with the Ontario Hockey League, then with The Weather Network (2002-2004), Global Television, and the A-Channel. From the top media market in Canada to the top media market in America and the world, NBC scouted Gary in 2006, which is when he went off to work in the Big Apple. For three years Gary was a mainstay for the NBC Universal family of top-rated programs and networks. 

What does Gary love about the weather?
It's organic in a sense, a living entity.  Always changing, always in control - despite our efforts, influence.  It's dramatic, powerful, nurturing and destructive all in one.  It's a vital force.  


  • Passionate about all kinds of photography
  • Mr. Well Rounded loves poetry, music, sports, race cars and Star Trek
  • Gary and his wife sponsor a young girl in Tanzania through World Vision Canada
  • Gary sings at Elvis Presley revues!  Book him today!
  • Appeared in the popular film Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
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