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Chris Scott is a meteorologist and forecast operations manager at The Weather Network. Chris first joined The Weather Network as a part-time meteorologist in 1998, before rejoining full-time in 2000 after completing his Master's. You can see Chris on The Weather Network during special interviews and active weather coverage.

Chris leads a dedicated staff of 24 meteorologists who produce thousands of weather forecasts daily for television, web, wireless, and numerous commercial clients across Canada. Prior to his current position, Chris co-anchored the prime-time television slot at The Weather Network for four years and has been featured as an expert on Canada AM and Discovery, and has been interviewed for numerous radio shows and newspapers. Additionally, he was the project leader on the first phase of a national lightning detection network installed by The Weather Network in 2007.

Chris has a Master of Science degree in Atmospheric and Space Science from The University of Michigan and a Combined Honours degree in Atmospheric Chemistry and Atmospheric Science from York University. He has presented at scientific conferences and has published papers on lake-effect snow and air quality. Chris' research interests encompass high-impact weather events such as tornadoes, lightning, hail, hurricanes, and winter storms.

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