Carrie OlverCarrie Olver

Gemini-nominated Carrie Olver has been a steadfast member of The Weather Network's on-air broadcasting team since 2004.

Carrie first burst onto the Canadian airwaves in 1988, logging over 5000 live television hours as a host on The Shopping Channel. She was then quickly recruited to work in the U.S., where she became homesick for her Canadian roots and returned to host The Discovery Network's internationally syndicated show "Spectacular Spas."

With 75 episodes under her belt and a Gemini nomination for her hosting and interviewing skills, Carrie decided it was time for a change and joined The Weather Network team. Covering everything from "Snowmageddon" to the "Dog Days of Summer", she has a keen interest in all things weather-related.

Carrie's passion for animals prompted her to get involved with ongoing fundraising efforts for The Humane Society. Her charitable efforts extend not only here at home but on the other side of the world as well. A passion near and dear to her heart is helping to draw awareness and raise money for the victims of the Japanese Tsunami and earthquake of 2011.

Born in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, she now calls Oakville, Ontario home. Carrie is a mother of two and is just waiting to adopt that next cute little furry face, always looking to expand her family for an animal in need.

You can catch Carrie on weekday mornings on The Weather Network.

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