Storm Hunters

DateTimeReplay TimeEpisode TitleDescription
October 1, 20147pm/10pm ET & 1-5am ETOctober 5- 11am/2pm/5pm ETInto the CoreSearching for wicked weather puts stress on Storm Hunters Mark and Jaclyn during their latest journey into Tornado Alley.
October 8, 20147pm/10pm ET & 1-5am ETOctober 12- 11am/2pm/5pm ETTornado Terror On the last day of the chase, the Storm Hunters get shaken to the core by a giant, unpredictable, ferocious tornado. 
October 15, 20147pm/10pm ET & 1-5am ET

October 19- 

11am/2pm/5pm ET

Perilous PursuitTornadoes are indiscriminate - they grind up the earth, toss cars with ease, destroy homes and take lives. Most people run and hide in fear, but a select few chase them. Follow The Weather Network Storm Hunters as they reveal the danger of this Perilous Pursuit. 
October 22, 20147pm/10pm ET & 1-5am ETOctober 26- 11am/2pm/5pm ETNature's FuryThe Storm Hunters journey through Tornado Alley during the most prolific and dangerous tornado season on record. 
October 29, 20147pm/10pm ET & 1-5am ET

November 2- 

11am/2pm/5pm ET

Monster HurricanesThe Storm Hunters dive head first into the most destructive and deadly hurricanes of the new millennium. 
November 5, 20147pm/10pm ET & 1-5am ET

November 9- 

11am/2pm/5pm ET

Best of Storm HuntersThe Storm Hunters revisit their craziest chases and share some of the most amazing moments. 
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