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Over 1,000 fires per year are caused by humans, what is the next biggest cause?
What items should you have in your car in the event of an emergency?
In the event you are at work when an emergency occurs, how should you prepare?
Emergency Preparedness Week: How much water per person per day do you need in an emergency kit?
Do you have a family emergency plan?
It's the first day of your summer vacation. You...
What are beach cusps?
What is the collective noun for a group of muskrat?
Oak trees don't produce acorns until they are this age...
What percentage of the Great Barrier Reef has been bleached due to warming ocean temperatures?
Did you observe Earth Day?
New study suggests fossil fuels could be phased out globally within this time frame...
A Toronto woman has complained about her neighbour's backyard boat-treehouse, and he has been ordered to take it down. Is her complaint...
What is invading St. John's, Newfoundland?
What is the circulating Atlantic ocean current which warms Western Europe?
Who invented the mercury thermometer?
What is the line on a weather chart which joins points of equal pressure?
What is the most common gas in the earth's atmosphere?
Okta is a unit of measurement of what?
The Campbell-Stokes recorder measures what with a glass ball?
What causes lake effect snow?
What is the term used for a fear of lightning?
Towards which direction (North, East, South or West) is a rainbow normally seen in the afternoon?
You and your family should be prepared to cope on your own during a power outage for at least this many hours...
Who was the first to set January 1st as the New Year?

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