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How many years is Canada behind Europe in banning neonic insecticides?
What do you think of the Summer Weather Forecast for your part of Canada?
Thousands of these have overrun Teller Lake in Boulder, Colorado...
What is the name of Ben & Jerry's new environmentally-conscious ice cream flavour?
A toxic surprise is being found in salads across Canada. What is it?
What happens to your hair when humidity strikes?
Do you brake to avoid squirrels or small animals when driving?
What's your camping style?
Do you use water saving devices in your home?
Today is bike to work day. Did you bike to work?
What is your favourite thing to grill on the barbeque?
Heat seeking sun worshipper or storm chasing weather fanatic: How do you like YOUR weather?
What is a rex block?
At 11:05 a.m. ET yesterday, Wednesday, May 20, an Atlas V rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying this...
Which Canadian city is the most humid summer location?
The Vortex, is a new wind turbine in development that has this unique feature...
A pet snake in Adelaide, South Australia is making headlines around the globe after doing this...
With bug season looming, how do you plan on protecting yourself from bites?
Where are you spending the long weekend?
When will you be starting your Victoria Day long weekend?
Would you use a tanning bed?
Are you experiencing a 'pollen vortex' this spring?
Every spring tens of thousands of these emerge from hibernation and join together in the Narcisse dens in Manitoba.
Did you golf this past weekend?

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