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Saskatoon, SK

Pollen Forecast

3 Day Pollen Outlook

Updated: Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 7:00 AM

Reported at: Saskatoon,SK Data provided by Aerobiology Research
Wed. Jul. 29Low
Sagebrush, Wormwood - Low
Mustards - Low
True Grasses - Low
Thu. Jul. 30Moderate
Nettles & Pellitory - Low
Sagebrush, Wormwood - Low
Chenopodiaceae, Amaranthaceae - Low
Fri. Jul. 31Moderate
Sagebrush, Wormwood - Low
Nettles & Pellitory - Low
Ragweed - Low
Low 0-20 grains/m³ Moderate 21-80 grains/m³ High 80+ grains/m³

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