Windy Lake, ON

Pollen Forecast

3 Day Pollen Outlook

Updated: Sunday, April 19, 2015, 7:00 AM

Reported at: Sudbury,ON Data provided by Aerobiology Research
Sun. Apr. 19High
Cedar, Juniper, etc. - High
Alder - High
Aspen, Poplar - Moderate
Mon. Apr. 20Low
Aspen, Poplar - Low
Cedar, Juniper, etc. - Low
Boxelder, Maple - Low
Tue. Apr. 21High
Aspen, Poplar - High
Alder - Moderate
Cedar, Juniper, etc. - Moderate
Low 0-20 grains/m³ Moderate 21-80 grains/m³ High 80+ grains/m³

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