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Snow and freezing rain to impact northern parts of the Prairies this weekend. See here how much snowfall you can expect.

Get ready, southern Ontario: A warm up is coming

In case you missed it: Guide to 2014 Spring Outlooks

Great Lakes inching closer to all-time ice cover record

Canada's 2014 Spring Outlook

Alberta's 2014 Spring Outlook

Atlantic Canada's 2014 Spring Outlook

ISS astronauts congratulate 'Gravity' filmmakers

A four-hour showdown: Snake vs. crocodile (who you got?)

Bitter wind chills to kick off work week in Ontario

NASA to get better grip on climate change

Major avalanche unites local community

Baby lions born at Washington National Zoo

'Apocalyptic' storm rolls over Sydney, Australia

Pack your bags: Three habitable planets discovered near Earth

Did you miss it: Sky watchers treated to March moon delight

Ontario's 2014 Spring Outlook

B.C.'s 2014 Spring Outlook

Maximum ice: Great Lakes reaching record coverage

WATCH: Storm battered pelican learns to fly for first time

Snow swimming: Daring or just plain crazy?

Dogs are our new allies in bone cancer research

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