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Scientists have made the first discovery in 100 years of a new river dolphin species in the waters of Brazil

Heated sidewalks in western Canada's future?

Vancouver skyline getting a $200 million makeover

Quebec fire: Officials use steam to melt icy rubble

2013: Canada's worst year for insured losses?

Another wet year? Early flood predictions for southern Alberta released

Fashion Forecast: Staying stylish in sub-zero temperatures

Blowing snow hits Newfoundland, travel not recommended

Heavy rainfall contributes to train derailment near Vancouver

Delays cause travel chaos at Montreal, Toronto airports

Drastic temperature swing on the way for southern Ontario

Injured pelicans nursed to health together

Southern Ontario: Cold and stormy weekend ahead

Major multi-vehicle pileup closes Highway 401 east of Toronto

New Brunswick: More than 600 cases of H1N1 virus

Heated sidewalks: Dream big or dream on?

Earthquakes in Vancouver would cause more intense shaking than previously thought, study says

Whiteout threat in southern Ontario this weekend

Giant panda leaves San Diego for new life in China

MUST-SEE: Winds blow down half-built condo

January thaw: Protect your home

Damaging winds, freezing rain push into Newfoundland

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