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More than 200,000 were forced to leave their homes.

STORM WATCH: 'Classic' Nor'easter targets Atlantic Canada

Strong earthquake hits New Zealand: 'Hobbit' sculpture falls

Zoo visitors brave cold to meet new panda cub

Cute Countdown: Orphan cougar kittens

Cold shock kills thousands of fish

Blizzard conditions, low visibility prompts road closures in Manitoba

Australia: Heat wave worsens fires

'Wintermission:' Ontario warms up, freezing rain and flood risk increases

STORM WATCH: New system brings rain, freezing rain to Atlantic Canada

Newfoundland blasted with snow, strong winds

Toronto issues extreme cold weather alert

Pilot whales head for deeper water

The return of pesky potholes

California drought reignites search for 1965 plane wreckage

Simpsons co-creator rescues bears

Snow causes slow and slippery commute in southern Ontario

Major flooding, volcanic eruptions in Indonesia

Heavy rain, snow intensify in BC, warnings issued

Magnitude 5.1 earthquake sends buildings swaying in Havana, Cuba

Dangerously cold temps grip the Prairies prompting bus cancellations, leaving drivers stranded

Alberta: Mild today, cold and snowy tomorrow

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