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A bird saved from near-death in Minnesota is now on the road to recovery.

NASA joins California in fight against drought

The most beautiful friendship in this week's Cute Countdown

The polar vortex like you've never it seen before

Fireball: Coming to a sky near you!

Deadly toxins in lakes and rivers poisoning birds, fish and coral

Reporter experiences real-time Chinook, and the layers come off

(Mc)Flurry of weather blamed for McDonald's sales dip

Winter storm brings heavy snow to Atlantic Canada

Winter storm slams Atlantic Canada, dangerous driving possible

Volcano erupts, kills at least 14 in Indonesia after evacuees told safe to return home

An aurora above a teeny-tiny ice planet

Massive weather explosions could swallow Venus

CAUGHT ON FILM: Snow leopard discovers hidden camera

Travel like a pro with these helpful tips

Virginia cold snap killing off wildlife

Minor earthquake reported under Lake Ontario

WATCH: Curious pig discovers skydiving camera

'Pineapple express' to fuel B.C. storm

Say goodbye to winter travel nightmares

Your Pictures: #onstorm blasts Twitter

STORM WATCH: New month, new snowstorm in Ontario

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