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The man upstairs may have it in for this film. This news is so strange you couldn't make it up if you tried.

Atlantic Canada flood watch: 'Our preparation started years ago'

Giant hole opens up on Quebec road

Doctors say this epidemic has 'more than doubled' since 1999

When will warm weather hit southern Ontario?

We could be one step closer to controlling lightning

Advice to Canadians: Have a 'flood plan'

Chile earthquake: Preparedness saved lives

CAUGHT ON FILM: Sailor swept overboard

The Name Game: Give it your best shot!

Valet parks car ... in the ocean

Measles outbreak: How to protect yourself

Is that a Martian's campfire?

River levels could reach 'flood stage' in Ottawa

Why did 3,000 reindeer cross the road?

Spring flooding in the Prairies: Four things you need to know

Don't worry Ontario, you'll forget about the snow Thursday

It's official: Canadian community tops 20°C

Addicted to texting? You'll want to see this

Sahara leaves Britain out in the dust

Winter at its worst: View the photos and vote

Get cracking: This underwater egg trick will wow you

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