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Some apple growers may have lost more than half of their crops following hail storms in B.C.

Feeling under the weather? Experts say stay home

WATCH: Everything you ever wanted to know about mountains

WATCH: Jaguar attacks and lifts 150 pound caiman from ground

Powerful storm knocks out power in B.C.

Firing all retro-rockets!

Robots could replace humans as dogs' best friends

Devastating floods force hundreds to evacuate in New Mexico

Tropical Storms Ingrid, Manuel take aim at Mexico

Gabrielle accelerates north, heavy rain already soaking Nova Scotia

CALLOUT: Search and Rescue- A missing jet skier

Frost warnings for northern Ontario

NASA finds chemical used to make plastic in space

Alberta sets application deadline for flood recovery funds

Winnipeg zoo welcomes headline making polar bear

Pakistan rocked by new quake

State of emergency continues in 6 northern Ontario communities

Transatlantic balloon voyage cut short

Flash flooding leads to closure of national park in Texas

Battling a fear of storms

LADEE frog photobomb

Ugly Animal Preservation society names world's ugliest animal

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