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Some apple growers may have lost more than half of their crops following hail storms in B.C.

Feeling under the weather? Experts say stay home

WATCH: Everything you ever wanted to know about mountains

WATCH: Jaguar attacks and lifts 150 pound caiman from ground

Powerful storm knocks out power in B.C.

Caught on camera: Eagle attacks deer

Unique rain garden soaks up stormwater like sponge

Bat-toad: The weirdest toad you'll ever see

Did you say FROST?

Powerful earthquake strikes off BC's coast, several aftershocks reported

Climbers from B.C. and Alberta recovering in hospital after fall from Mount Rainier

No shark cage, no problem: Nyad finishes historic swim

NASA finds chemical used to make plastic in space

Alberta sets application deadline for flood recovery funds

Winnipeg zoo welcomes headline making polar bear

Pakistan rocked by new quake

New study rewriting history around origins of life on Earth

Oil leak after CN train derails near Saskatchewan town

Want to speak with an alien? Well, here's how ...

Month's worth of rain floods homes in Newfoundland

2013 national summer stats: Rainfall tells the story (so far)

Water from within moon's interior detected for first time

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