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Air advisory issued after power dips at refineries near Edmonton

Usagi narrowly misses Hong Kong

Mexico scours for dozens missing amid deadly floods

Man survives bear attack

A darkly beautiful view of NASA's latest launch

Tropical Storms Ingrid, Manuel take aim at Mexico

Battling a fear of storms

Don't make Friday the 13th an unlucky day

Atlantic Canada braces for heavy rain, possible flooding

Ugly Animal Preservation society names world's ugliest animal

Record heat invades the west

Severe storms down trees, power lines in southern Ontario

Storms welcome British Columbia into the new season

Mysterious plane found at bottom of lake

4.6 magnitude earthquake jolts Quebec

NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft enters interstellar space.

Digging through the archives: Spooky weather photos

Gabrielle accelerates north, heavy rain already soaking Nova Scotia

LADEE frog photobomb

CALLOUT: Search and Rescue- A missing jet skier

Frost warnings for northern Ontario

Threat for severe storms continues in New Brunswick

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