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Ontarians can expect a wintry kick off to the new year.

That loud boom on Christmas Eve may have been a frost quake

Major fire breaks out in Kingston, Ontario

SNOW DAY: Storm closes schools, cancels flights across Atlantic Canada

Monkey blasts off into space

Weekend storm targets eastern Canada

Volunteers help homeless escape the bitter cold

Health minute: Kids and winter weather

NYC: Invasive cockroach not afraid of the cold

Scientists pinpoint cause of 2011 Japan tsunami

Winter storm, Arctic cold to blast the west

A massive 3-D map of the Great Barrier Reef

STORM WATCH: Ice storm snarls travel and cuts power in Eastern Canada

How effective is antibacterial soap?

Rare winter storms grip the Middle East

STORM WATCH: Powerful storm blasts southern Ontario

Winter storm takes aim at Ontario

Wintry weekend: Special weather statements issued in southern Ontario

Justin Bieber brings holiday cheer to Tacloban City

Typhoon Haiyan: Death toll continues to rise

The Cute Countdown

Who needs Mother Nature? Mushrooms create their own weather!

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