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As heavy snow fell across the Prairies on Tuesday, driving conditions quickly deteriorated. As they always do, police officials sent out a warning for drivers. This time, it sparked a chord among the social media world.

Significant rain/snow could prompt warnings in the east

Ontario's air mass clash: Double digits or 20 cm of snow?

Winter is coming. Here's how we develop our winter forecast

These Canadians woke up to -29C (hint: NOT the Arctic)

Alberta MLA dies in snowy highway crash

Icy roads lead to numerous crashes across the GTA

Maritimes face drastic drop in temperatures

Photos: Ontarians wake up to first significant snowfall

Brief: Warming in the west, storms push into the east

Sandra, strongest hurricane this late in season, sets record

Major capital city calls 66,000 people to help shovel snow

Brief: Active weather takes a break

Snow, gusty winds continue to impact travel across Alberta

Brief: Wintry blast wreaks havoc on roads

Brief: Wintry weather forecast coast-to-coast

Brief: Frigid, winter-like weather conditions ahead for many

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