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Spotting an exploding star is usually a matter of sheer luck, but astronomers now know where and when to point the Hubble Space Telescope in 2016 to see a supernova just as it happens. Here's how.

Report: Canada warming at twice the global rate

Lake Erie algae bloom grew so large, it broke the scale

Unlikely source bolsters Canada's pledge for climate action

UN says biodegradable plastic does zero to protect the ocean

Study suggests fires take a day off on Sunday

Climate change warnings appear on Canadian gas pumps

By 2020, sunlight will be a hot commodity in New York City

Earthquake scared so many birds they showed up on radar

8 eerie shots of an abandoned village swallowed by nature

This is what a 1,111-carat diamond looks like

NASA reveals the many fascinating faces of Pluto and Charon

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