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Wildfire weary residents of Fort McMurray and the surrounding locales were greeted with more evacuation notices Thursday as the massive inferno which began Sunday spread to 85,000 hectares, with an estimated 88,000 people displaced and no signs of returning home anytime soon.

'We're not out of the woods,' future uncertain for Fort Mac

Satellites capture Fort McMurray wildfires from space

Teen rides horse to safety amid Fort McMurray fire

Potent storm delivers heavy rain, wind to Atlantic Canada

Canadian government responds to Fort McMurray

You may need to celebrate Mother's Day indoors, Ontario

Fort McMurray fires: Political leaders, celebrities react

Fort Mac: Where to go if stranded, how you can help

Fort McMurray is a reminder why fire bans are important

Teen helps end 14-year boil water advisory

Nova Scotia prints pamphlets in Arabic, for new Canadians

Four map forecast: National temperature divide continues

Customer sues Starbucks over too much ice in drinks

'Fire rainbow' lights up the sky in Atlantic Canada

Lost in the woods? How to navigate without your phone

Four map forecast: 30C? Snow? First week of May has it all

Amplified jet stream brings range of weather Mother’s Day

Fire chief weighs in on Fort McMurray fight

Four map forecast: Fort McMurray fires

Photos of Fort McMurray before and after the fire

25 facts about the Fort McMurray wildfires

Fort McMurray fire faces grim weather outlook, no rain

Pregnant mother recounts grisly escape from wildfire

Left behind in Fort McMurray, here’s what happens to pets

Cauliflower cloudtops scanned from space reveal risky storms

Cauliflower cloudtops reveal risky storms

Surprising amount of effort goes into chasing storms

13 spectacular lightning photos from across Canada

Bodies of climber, cameraman found after 16 years

The spring flooding tips you need to know

See the eta Aquarid meteor shower from anywhere. Here's when

Province wide burn ban in effect in New Brunswick

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