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Did you know that the glass which protects your smartphone from cracks is now poised to protect your car from errant stones, or worse, a hailstorm? Gorilla Glass. the technology already found in over 4.5 billion smartphones, will now start to show up in vehicle windshields.

Record low temperatures in Ontario amid deep freeze

Lose yourself in this time lapse of the sun in 2015

Google picks Canada's most romantic spots, the winner is ...

Unbearably cold temps elevate health risks for the Prairies

Ont. paramedic pleads with public to clear snow off cars

Keeping pets warm in cold weather

5 events the cold could impact in Ontario this weekend

Brief: Rain, snow and cold, Canada has it all

The Atlantic Canada storm summed up in 12 tweets

Watch polar bear cub experience snow for the first time

Brief: Dangerous cold grips the country this weekend

Earthquake 'swarm' rattles East Coast village

Polar Vortex makes a triumphant return, brings record cold

Residents say Saskatchewan isn't named after sasquatches

Huge sinkhole swallows truck in Kitchener, Ont.

Only in Canada: N.B. woman takes dog sled to Tim Hortons

Alta man asks government to pay for wind-related car damage

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