Winnipeg cold inspires new viral video, spike in car thefts

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014, 8:19 PM -

It has been bitterly cold in the Prairies, with temperatures feeling like the -30s in some communities.

But freezing cold temperatures haven't stopped at least two men from having a little fun.

Take a look at what could become the Internet's next viral video -- a water gun fight, Winnipeg style.

Meanwhile, area thieves are taking advantage of drivers who are combating the cold by leaving their cars unattended while they warm up.

Police say that approximately a third of the 166 auto thefts in the city last month came from cars that were left running while unattended.

Brian Smiley, a spokesman for Manitoba Public Insurance, told local media that auto theft is a crime of opportunity, and the frigid temps have caused some car owners to make unwise decisions.

Authorities are reminding residents not to leave their cars unattended, in any type of weather.

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