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Weekend weather: winter, wind and waterspouts

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Saturday, October 19, 2013, 5:48 PM - Take a look at the weather affecting your area this weekend.

Rain totals as of Saturday afternoon

Rain totals as of Saturday afternoon


Newfoundland and Labrador could see some scattered showers throughout Saturday. Gusty winds are also expected with speeds between 40 and 60 km/h.

The Maritimes will have a good day on Saturday before scattered showers arrives on Sunday. Fortunately the temperature should remain near seasonal.

"Given the current weather pattern, passing showers will inundate the Atlantic region over the next week," said Monica Vaswani a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "Saturday will be relatively mild and sunny for the Maritimes, while Newfoundland receives ongoing showers. On Sunday, conditions will improve for Newfoundland, while rain moves into the Maritimes early in the day."

Waterspout potential on the Great Lakes this weekend, especially on Sunday.

Waterspout potential on the Great Lakes this weekend, especially on Sunday.


It's going to be a soggy weekend across Ontario and Quebec. A series of lows will are expected to bring rain to southern Ontario and mixed precipitation to the northwestern region. 

Given the warmer lake temperatures at this time of year, these systems will often generate ideal conditions for the production of waterspouts over the Great Lakes. 

"Not only does the cool air in the upper atmosphere associated with these systems allow for waterspout production, it also provides the perfect environment for lake effect showers to develop off the Great Lakes," said Vaswani.

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Snow could fall in Manitoba.

Snow could fall in Manitoba.


The first true taste of fall will arrive in the eastern Prairies this weekend, with the first real snowfall of the season expected Saturday night into Sunday.

A special weather statement was released for parts of Manitoba including Brandon as 2-5 cm of snow could fall this weekend. 

"Winds will pick in southern Saskatchewan Saturday night before pushing into Manitoba on Sunday," said Vaswani. "Snow will accompany the winds, which may impair visibility on the roads."

Once the snow clears in Saskatchewan on Sunday, residents will face temperatures nearing the freezing mark.

Alberta can expect gusts of up to 65 km/h on Saturday. Conditions are expected to improve for the province on Sunday.  

Foggy conditions continue through the weekend for coastal areas

Foggy conditions continue through the weekend for coastal areas

British Columbia

The weather won't see much of a change this weekend. Dense fog will continue to hover over many coastal areas, as well as spreading into some interior valleys. Some afternoon sunshine and above seasonal temperatures are in the forecast for much of the province. Coastal Vancouver and Victoria could remain foggy all day.

"A ridge of high pressure sitting over the province will allow for dense fog in coastal areas throughout most of the weekend," said Vaswani. "People can expect conditions to improve for the start of the work week, as the winds begin to pick up." 

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