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Thunderstorm risk creeps into southern Ontario Tuesday, heavy rain picks up

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Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 12:03 PM -

As parts of the U.S. continue to deal with a severe weather outbreak, the same system will begin to affect parts of southern Ontario Tuesday.

"Rain slowly makes it's way into southern Ontario, reaching the Greater Toronto Area by the morning commute," says Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg. "Heavier rain is expected to pick up through the afternoon hours."

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According to Sonnenburg, parts of the region could see a brief period of clearing late Tuesday night, but the rain then returns for much of the day on Wednesday.

"The rain extends up into the Nickel Belt and northern Ontario Tuesday afternoon," says Sonnenburg. "The only chance for any mixing with wet snow will be in extreme northwestern Ontario through the Pickle Lake area."

There's also a risk for isolated thunderstorms through southwestern Ontario late Tuesday afternoon.

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"If we do see any severe weather, it will be in extreme southwestern Ontario, through the Windsor area. Hail and very strong winds will be associated with this storm risk," adds Sonnenburg.

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