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The Weather Network presents lightning alerts

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Monday, July 22, 2013, 6:49 PM -

The Weather Network takes active weather seriously.

We strive to help keep Canadians safe when storms roll through and a new, exclusive offering from The Weather Network will help further that mandate.

While many people are aware of the risks of lightning, not everyone knows when it is dangerously close. 

Pelmorex, the parent company of The Weather Network, has recently launched real-time lightning alerts for all across the country. This critical area of consumer alerting is the only service of its kind in Canada. 

It has been created and is operated entirely Pelmorex, with the data emanating from our own lightning detection network of sensors located across the country.

Now available on our website, the alerts are served directly to users in the top headline section of city pages:

The alert’s brief summary links to a page that provides vital details on how many strikes have been detected in the city area, the time of the last strike, and more. There’s also an interactive feature where you can calculate your distance from any given strike:

The alerts become active when two lightning strikes have been detected in the same zone within 30 minutes of each other and expire 30 minutes after the last strike.

We plan to roll out some additional interactive features in the weeks to come -- so stay tuned for more announcements!

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