Strong storms ahead for Ontario

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Monday, August 25, 2014, 5:21 PM - People in southern Ontario should plan for thunderstorms, potentially severe, on Tuesday.

The northwest and Nickel Belt, meanwhile, have their turn on Monday evening, with severe storm watches in place.

The southern storm risk is brewing due to a humid airmass that will blanket the region on Tuesday, bringing humidex values up to the 40 mark and sparking heat warnings for the first time this summer.

That thick humidity is a prime ingredient for thunderstorms, which will be sparked by a cold front sweeping down from the northwest.

The show starts early for the Nickel Belt and Lake Huron shores, with thunderstorms moving in by the predawn hours.

For the Greater Toronto Area and the rest of the southwest, the storms should spark by the early afternoon, into the early evening.

By then, most storms will have dissipated, but parts of eastern Ontario could see them through the evening into the overnight.

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Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter says the primary threats from any severe storms that do spark up will be strong winds and large hail.

In the northwest, severe storms are most likely, mostly along the shores of Lake Superior, with storms already developing in the afternoon.

Severe thunderstorm watches were in place in the region for much of the day Monday, although some had dropped by the late afternoon, including one that had been issued for the city of Thunder Bay.

TUNE IN: Watch the Weather Network on TV for updates on these storms. If it's safe to do so, upload your pictures and videos here.

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