Southern Ontario weekend weather: Colorado low to bring heavy snow, mixed precipitation


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Friday, January 31, 2014, 6:20 AM -

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A Colorado low is set to move into southern portions of Ontario and Quebec Saturday, bringing moderate to heavy snow, mixed precipitation and rain.

This latest bout of wintry weather comes at the end of a week saw blizzard-like conditions and frigid temperatures move across the region.

The snowstorm could bring up to 15 cm of snow with locally higher amounts, Weather Network meteorologists say, but the exact track has yet to be determined.

That's because the low is a complicated system that's expected to tap into Gulf moisture and warmth.

"What that means is the exact track of the system will determine the type of precipitation that falls in your area," says Weather Network meteorologist Dayna Vettese.

Current models suggest mixed precipitation will fall along, and south of, the 401 corridor.

The low is expected to move into into southern Ontario Saturday morning, coming from the southwest and then move northeast. 

"Winds will be gusty but because temperatures will be around the freezing mark, the snow will be wetter, so there won't be as much blowing and drifting," Vettese adds.

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Forecasters are also keeping an eye on a Texas low that could evolve into a major winter storm over eastern North America between Tuesday and Thursday.

While this potential blizzard has been deemed "one to watch", forecasters aren't advising you change your travel plans just yet.

"What is not yet clear, and likely won’t be completely for a couple days, is exactly who will be impacted and how bad it will be in a given location," writes Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott

"...The exact track will determine whether cities like Toronto and Halifax see a major snow storm, rain, or maybe even nothing at all."

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