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So long, fog! B.C. South Coast about to clear up after 10 days of lingering fog

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    Saturday, October 26, 2013, 4:53 PM -

    After a prolonged period of fog hovering over the South Coast, a significant change in the weather pattern will give residents the break they've been waiting for. 

    The ridge of high pressure that has been stagnant over British Columbia for the past ten days will finally give way to a weak front on Sunday. 

    "We're expecting some showers to move into the Interior tonight," said Weather Network meteorologist Elena Lappo. "Once this front passes it will bring much drier air into the region and it will clear the fog that was lingering in B.C. over the past week."

    As the front passes, strong northerly winds gusting to 60 km/h will blow through the Interior Valleys and light flurries are expected over higher terrain. No wind warnings have been issued at this time, but residents are encouraged to monitor our Alerts page for updates.

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