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Snow, rain and significant temperature drop on tap for Quebec

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Sunday, April 13, 2014, 9:03 PM -

After a mild, albeit rainy, weekend across Quebec, forecasters warn of a significant cool down ahead for the province. 

Sunday started off with cloudy skies and rain across southern Quebec as the first system pushed across the region, with thunderstorm activity expected to continue through the evening. 

To the north-west and centre of the province, precipitation came in the form of snow showers in the morning, then turned to rain in the afternoon. Some areas are expected to receive 20 to 30 mm by Monday morning. 

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Areas to the east continue to see snow through the evening, where up to 5 cm is expected. 

The entire province was also swept by gusts of 40 km/h during the day Sunday, with gusts topping 60 km/h in the afternoon. 

Monday will bring a second system, that will leave up to 20 cm of snow to areas north of Val- d'Or.

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From summer to winter
Come Tuesday, the weather scenario will be the complete opposite. 

A strong cold front associated with Monday's system will have temperatures taking a nose-dive. 

"We lose about 25 °C in 24 hours ," says André Monette, a meteorologist at The Weather. 

Any leftover precipitation will fall as snow, thereafter. About 15 to 30 cm could accumulate on the areas of the northwest, including the Lac- Saint- Jean and Côte -Nord.

For a list of watches and warnings, visit our Alerts page. 

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