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Severe weather in Ontario captured by our viewers

Jayne Hoogenberk
Digital Communities Strategist

Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 12:45 PM -

While most of southern Ontario was taking cover from the severe weather that wreaked havoc during the afternoon of June 17, 2014, a few of our brave citizen journalists were out documenting the destruction. They managed to capture some pretty amazing images of the clouds and the calamity produced by Tuesday's storm system, so we thought we'd showcase them in this special feature.

NOTE: While we recommend you always heed weather alerts and take immediate cover during an active storm warning, we are always happy to share your pictures.  If you have an image to share with us, click here to upload it. Please be safe out there!

High Winds,Torrential rains bring down power lines Hamilton - Doug W. Worrall

More Pics of Sunset after Storm - Bonnie Saul

Thunder storm coming from the Gatineaus towards Buckhams Bay - Rick Kelland

Heavy winds toppled many trees in our area, thankfully no one was hurt -  Lynn Pearce

Post storm sky -  Carol Anne Bell-Smith

June storm brings down branches and power cables in East Toronto-  Damian Mac Giolla Ghunna

Funnel in Woodbridge - Mark Zinga

Thunderstorm on its way!- Sarah Cee

After the storm in Trenton at 9pm. Orange sky! - Sandy Berry

Five photos: The Angus, Ontario tornado
Tornadoes in Canada: Everything you need to know
Tornado rips through Angus, Ontario, several homes damaged, no major injuries reported

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