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Seven possible tornadoes spotted in Saskatchewan Monday

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 2:15 PM -

Dark clouds in Saskatchewan Monday. Courtesy: Mark Duffy

Dark clouds in Saskatchewan Monday. Courtesy: Mark Duffy

Monday was bound to be an active day after widespread tornado watches were issued across parts of southern and central Saskatchewan before 8:30 am CST.

Severe thunderstorms developed in the warm and humid airmass.

Some communities saw large hail, others got heavy rain.

According to Environment Canada, as many as seven tornadoes may have touched down Monday -- thankfully all in underpopulated areas.

There have been no damage reports from the four confirmed, and three unconfirmed, twisters.

"These are just preliminary severe storm reports, so those numbers could climb," says Doug Gillham, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

Environment Canada's preliminary tornado reports so far:

Locality Time (Local) Report
Near Gray 4:40 pm Rain-wrapped tornado
Near Hague 4:50 pm Probable tornado
Near Kronau 4:55 pm Tornado
Near Rosthern 5:00 pm Possible tornado
West of Yorkton 6:05 pm Tornado
Southwest of Yorkton    6:45 pm Tornado
North of Humboldt 7:20 pm Probable tornado

Reports of tornadoes from Monday's storms

Reports of tornadoes from Monday's storms

"There was a lot of CAPE - the energy needed for storms - the right balance of shear - which causes rotation - and a strong trigger for a storm," explains Dayna Vettese, another meteorologist at The Weather Network. "The set-up we saw was about as good (or as bad) as it gets for severe weather in July in the Canadian Prairies." 

All tornado watches and warnings were dropped just after 9 p.m. local time, while the risk for severe thunderstorms continued through the night.

The severe storms also moved into Manitoba where a few wind gusts exceeding 80 km/h were recorded. 

Conditions have improved as a ridge of high pressure moved into southern Saskatchewan. 

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